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Corset Tummy Tuck

A Tummy tuck is one of the more popular elective cosmetic surgical procedures in North America today. Many men and women are frustrated by those last few pounds and an inability to get a toned and chiseled midsection. For most of us, genetics plays a part in this uphill battle, but many people are willing to pay top dollar to overcome their natural size and shape. It is important to keep in mind that an abdominoplasty is not meant to be a replacement for healthy eating and regular exercise. In the right situation, this type of procedure can enhance your efforts in the gym and provide long-term beautiful results for years to come.

One of the versions of this type of elective cosmetic procedure is called the corset abdominoplasty and refers to a specific style of tummy tuck that creates an hourglass figure. Plastic surgeons can dramatically reduce the size of the waist with permanent sutures that draw the midsection inwards. This is similar to the old-fashioned corsets that were popular as undergarments. Instead of lacing up a temporary piece of lingerie, many women (and men) are now laced up on the inside and enjoy the results of their new figure even when wearing a bikini or other revealing clothing.

The rationale behind many of the types of tummy tuck procedures is based upon the way the body naturally ages and the effect of aging on the abdominal wall. When we are young, the muscles of the abdominal wall start out very close together, but as we age, they separate when we gain weight or get pregnant. This stretching and relaxing causes the abdominal wall muscles to become weak and thins the wall between the muscles where cartilage and other connective tissue is stored. Plastic surgeons can help reverse these signs of aging by bringing the abdominal muscles back together with large and permanent sutures.

A corset tummy tuck literally strings muscles from side to side, all the way up the abdominal wall to the breastbone. Starting at the pubic areaScience Articles, the plastic surgeon makes an incision and restores the original shape of the abdominal wall muscles while removing excess fat tissue or sagging skin.

Contact a plastic surgeon in your area today to determine if this type of procedure is right for you. A board-certified physician will be able to accurately analyze your current health status and ideal body image goals and determine a plastic surgery plan that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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