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Bubbles Bum Lifting Bands
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Bubbles Bum Lifting Bands
Garter-style Butt Lifter

Product Description

Our patented Bubbles Bands work like a push-up bra for the butt! A special combination of fabrics provide an upward push for a small or flat tush, while a "no roll" band engineered for comfort and hold supports the thigh & butt cheek without uncomfortable squeezing. 

Silicone provides all-night anti-gravity support for a no-slip comfort fit. Disappears even under very tight clothing. 

Available Sizes    : AA, A, B, C, D

Available Colors : Nude, Black, White

Each package contains 1 PAIR of Bubbles Bands



Bubbles Bands are best suited for women with slender or toned thighs who do not want shaping around the leg.

Take Bubbles shopping with you. You will find that your butt will look great in most of the jeans you try on, giving you more options in the way of style, fit and price!

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Bubbles Butt Lifter Bands


Feedback-Product Reviews 

I started off using different kinds of padded panties before upgrading to silicone pads which were amazing. The only problem was the obvious difference in my butt size when I wasn't wearing them! If you're looking for a more natural, every day solution then these are by far your best option out there. I have done TONS of research and there is no other product that offers what the bubbles bands do. My butt doesn't look as big as it does with the silicone pads, but the bands give it that bubble butt appearance, especially from the back view. I often pair them with a garter belt to try to pass them off as lingerie- 

-Danielle, New York 

I never really had a flat butt to begin with but I have always been a fan of the beyonce or j-lo bubble type butt. With what I already had in the rear and my Bubbles Band, I get that and more (lol). I DO NOT leave the house without them. I love them and only came back to the site to order more!!! 

-Amber, Illinois