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Post-pregnancy Belly Compression Postpartum Girdle
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Post-pregnancy Belly Compression Postpartum Girdle By Wink

Product Description

WinkTM offers moms-to-be and moms a radical new silky, smooth slimming system of support and compression undergarments, including panties, belly wraps, and belly bands, to help her body look and feel fabulous before, during and after pregnancy. 

Muscles, blood vessels, lymphatic channels, and connective fibers attaching skin to deeper structures can all be bruised, or damaged during pregnancy, labor, and birth following a normal or c-section delivery. 

Here's how WinkTM works: 

Compresses and flushes potentially harmful body fluids away from the skin, thus reducing edema.  Bruising is minimized by compression on small blood vessels and capillaries. The uterus is required to compress faster resulting in a flatter stomach. The possible risk of infection is reduced when potentially harmful fluids are not allowed to accumulate. Body contouring and skin retraction is aided by firm compression of the skin during the healing process. Comfort is improved by compression proven support Proper post-pregnancy compression can assist in lessening these post-delivery conditions and further reducing the risk of possible complications, pooch bellies, loose skin, and pain. Wearing a WinkTM Ultimate Postpartum Bikini slimming garment post-delivery will see mom bouncing back to shape faster.

Two layers of silky soft medical compression
- Adjustable padded hook and eye opening at crotch for ease of bathroom use and height adjustment
- Elastic band keeps garment in place
51% Tactel Nylon, 49% Lycrasoft, 100% Latex and Formaldehyde free. 

Sizing (inch) 
- Waist : XS-22 to 24, S-24 to 26, M-26 to 28.5, L-28.5 to 31.5, XL-31.5 to 35, XXL-35 to 39

- Beige
- Black
- White

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