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HipSlimmer post-pregnancy compression corset for your hip
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HipSlimmer post-pregnancy compression corset for your hip

Product Description

HipSlimmer is a post-pregnancy compression corset designed to help you return to your pre-pregnancy size. Hormones released during pregnancy cause your hips to expand for childbirth. These hormones remain elevated after delivery leaving the joints of your hips malleable. 

HipSlimmerTM, when worn after pregnancy, applies pressure directly to your hips and may help your hips return to their pre-pregnancy size. HipSlimmerTM was developed exclusively by us and is the only post-pregnancy "hip-slimming" compression corset available. 

Get back into your jeans faster with HipSlimmer! HipSlimmer is worn over comfortable undergarments for a few hours a day during the first couple of months following delivery.

HipSlimmer is used after pregnancy to apply pressure directly to your hips and may aid in return to their pre-pregnancy size.
- The ideal time to wear the Hipslimmer is after you have recovered from your delivery and are not experiencing any pain.
- Do NOT wear the corset while pregnant.

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