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Corsets : Historical Patterns & Techniques
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Corsets : Historical Patterns & Techniques


Jill Salen 

Book Description

25 beautiful and historically accurate pattern of corsets 1750-1917 taken from private and museum collections.
Each stunning example is accompanied by a pattern, photographs and drawings, plus an historical overview giving invaluable insight into making up these period pieces.

This book also contains two step-by-step projects, a 1790 hand stitched corset and a 1900 machined corset.

The book includes practical advice on construction and period detail, from inserting gussets and split busk
insertion to eyelets and flossing.
Students of Costume and Fashion should find this a necessary addition to their bookshelf.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars Historical corset patterns 
By Corsetra, costumer
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a wonderful book for those interested in Historical Stays and Corsets. You will not find modern overbusts or underbusts in this book!

Things I love about this book :
clear patterns on graph scale. they are only 1/2 scale so easy to enlarge.
2 doll corset patterns which are full scale.
an 1880-5 child's stay band
18th century stays with side lacing which could have been used for pregnancy.
At least one color photo of each corset
small section on construction

Things that would have made this book totally awesome:
Not switching between the terms "stays" and "corset" for the 18th century. (I hope this was an editors change, not the author's error)
more photos of the back, insides, details!
giving the museum accession numbers for the garments so we could contact the museums for more photos.
Info on adjusting the patterns to fit individual bodies
marking the bust, waist, hip position and measurements on the pattern somewhere for ease of alteration.
More construction information.
a nursing corset or a later maternity corset (but that would be just me)

You will need Linda Spark's book for more on construction and fitting of corsets. Fore more information on the construction and fitting of 18th century stays, see "Fitting and Proper" and "Costume Close Up"